Sunday, 12 April 2015

A trip to Melbourne

9.4.2015 Day 99 of the #justlittlethingsblanket 

When I was 7, we drove to Melbourne to see the sights & some of Dad's family. We would all visit the beautiful National Heritage listed Rippon Lea Mansion and Gardens then the Melbourne Zoo. Ropes separated us from the fragile antiques, but we could see ornamental stained glass, elaborate embossed wallpapers and rugs and wander about the conservatories, ballroom and gardens.

My young cousin Dennis was running around behind the ropes kicking and jumping on the 150 plus year old antiques and running riot. His mother just let him do as he liked. Every now and then she just yelled out her husband's name in a high pitched, annoying voice, but he didn't do anything either!

The staff and my mother weren't happy about this behaviour, so mum ushered us all outside into the garden and pool area. A professional photographer had the fanciest camera and tripod I had ever seen by the pool's edge. Mum pointed him out and the pretty statues, spectacular decorations and the big wooden diving board.

The photographer leaned down to his bag and next thing we knew, Dennis was running full tilt towards the tripod. Just as he pulled his leg back to kick the camera into the deep end, Mum grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and carried him down the driveway, his feet kicking in the air. When my mum complained about his behaviour, far from thanking her for averting an expensive catastrophe, my aunt told my mum she was “too high strung”! We left Rippon Lea and headed off to the zoo.

Unfortunately things didn't get any better; anything Dennis could do wrong, he did. He yelled, threw rocks, branches and rubbish into exhibits and at the animals, and even kicked any animal he could get near. When he started throwing lots of gravel at the animals, my mother grabbed Dennis, lifted him up, dumped him into a nearby rubbish bin and calmly walked off, not looking back. D

ennis was surprised, but soon started throwing rubbish out of the bin while his mother complained. I stood there mouth hanging open as the fathers pulled Dennis out, but mum took no notice of anyone; she didn't care, she had had enough! 

Today's colours for the faded antiques of Rippon Lea.


  1. I know that there is not one parent out there that is perfect, but there is also no excuse to allow your children to misbehave in public! If my girls had witnessed this, they probably would have feared that I would have done the same as your mom! Tell your Mom I am now her #1 fan!

    1. Thank you! What you say is true. He really was awful!